Hi! My name is Job

Taekwondo has been with me for 7 years and I have enjoyed every minute in class. I have learned many things in Taekwondo, not just kicks and punches but also self-discipline and perseverance. Taekwondo has helped me in both mind and body, making me stronger, more confident, giving me more work ethic and making me more serious with everything. When I first started Taekwondo I thought it was going to be just a fun thing to do but it became harder and more serious the higher belt I got. I expected the road to a black belt would be easy and trouble free but as I got higher up in the ranks I learned that was not the case, I have never worked so hard to try and achieve something before. Taekwondo has had a giant impact on my life, making me better in everything I do. I have to go 3 more belts to became a black belt.

Taekwondo has made me understand the meaning of perseverance, courtesy, self-control, integrity and indomitable spirit. Taekwondo has also taught me all those traits that are needed for a better life. I have learned all those important traits because while practicing Taekwondo you have to have all those traits and use them, while kicking you persevere even if you missed or you didn't have enough power, you keep on going. you have to respect others and control your emotions. Taekwondo has taught me that I have to have all these traits to have a successful mind and a strong body. Taekwondo has taught me about self-esteem and how it is important. without confidence you can't do much of anything, you have to face your fears. if your testing you have to believe you will pass it and people will see that you are ready and confident of your ability.

Also I am in the process of getting Certified Kickboxing Instructor.


Hi! I'm Betty Buffin

As a graduate of New York’s Fashion Instuture of Technology. Betty Buffin has been a professional painter for nearly 25 years!. She has a true passion for her craft it shows in her dedication in running her lucrative painting business.

Her paintbrush has embellished many private homes, medical offices and restaurants. Betty welcomes the challenge of transforming a lifeless wall into a custom tailored work of art!. She has skillfully produced imaginative masterpieces ranging from a realistic football arena to 4ft x 5ft panels depicting ancient Greece for a church project.

Betty’s newest creations have been painting custom glassware!. Her last count was over 100 one of a kind painted wineglasses. Each one tells it’s own story and no two are alike!. There is no end in sight to what the world will see and Betty will develop every project to its full potential!!